Joshua Marshall Moore

6210 Flaming Arrow Rd.
North Las Vegas, NV 89031
United States, Earth

I grew up in Bamberg, Germany, then moved to North Pole, Alaska to finish high school. After graduation, I attended Seattle University and almost got my Bachlor's of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering. I'm currently looking for work in the Las Vegas area.


Social Cartography

Social Cartography is a prototype for a tool visually displaying social hierarchies.


fourd.cpp is a rewrite of the below mentioned fourd.js, in C++, ported to web assembly. It doesn't have the multilevel part built in, yet, but that will be a weekend project in the near future.

FourD Socket Proxy

FourD Socket Proxy (Code) is a proxy for the dynamic graph visualization FourD.js. It creates a server instance running on localhost, and routes server side calls to the front end.


The fourd.js (live/code) project aims to provide a dynamic 3D graph visualization in the browser, where it can easily interact with other web applications. The name is a pun on the included dimension of time that can be represented with a dynamic vs a static graph.


This is a free online version of a chess board (live), no registration required. Simply enter a unique name in the top bar and share it with your partner. Pieces can be set up any way you like, which was a requirement for me.


jquery.kauth.js (code) is a client side oauth 1.0 implementation based strictly on RFC 5849. Knotis, Inc. generously donated the code back to me after it was no longer needed.

Mixtape Dating

Mixtape Dating is a very basic CRUD application built entirely on free technologies that allows users to leave behind playlists from a wide variety of sources.

Genetic Programming

Genetic programming (ipynb) is a fun project to familiarize myself with matplotlib's pyplot.